Update about the War in Ukraine.

What Your Prayers and Support for Ukrainians Are Doing!

Sadly, although Western media organizations are not reporting about the war in Ukraine as frequently or thoroughly as they did earlier this year, the current situation and outlook for Ukrainians, including our brothers and sisters in Christ, is uncertain and unsettling. More specifically, the Russian and Ukrainian militaries are warring in the southern part of the country, while Russian officials have said that their forces are fighting for the “complete liberation” of the Donbas, a broad reference to Ukraine’s eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

UkraineInnocent Ukrainian civilians, including believers and seekers, are being caught in the middle of the war. In fact, according to the United Nations, as of August 4th, the Russian government's invasion of Ukraine has killed or injured more than 12,000 civilians there. Additionally, as of August 9th, and per the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), 6,413,432 individual refugees from Ukraine have been recorded across Europe.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the Ukrainian people, especially for the believers among them. Please prayerfully consider giving a financial gift to those who are suffering. When tired and hungry Ukrainians receive help, knowing that they are remembered gives them more hope!

Please Consider Supporting Our Ukrainian Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Please don’t forget us.

We know too little of the truth. And our news is too optimistic.
Russia has again conquered several large cities in eastern Ukraine.
The number of refugees has doubled. This is terrible. Every day, dozens of people beg us to give them accommodation for the night, but we have absolutely no places.

We brought all mattresses today. The floor of our church is filled with people again.

We pray every day. But the hope of winning is getting smaller and smaller. Ukraine cannot stop Putin's army. I often feel empty. I have no words to pray. I feel like this war will never end.

Beds are running out, food is running out, and volunteers are running out – but the war is not ending and the flow of refugees is not ending. This is terrible.

My only joy is that every day I pray with people who have never prayed before and were unbelievers. I believe they are getting God's grace.
God's kingdom is the only thing I can offer these people.

Remember us in your prayers. Tomorrow, new people will arrive and we will try to help them again.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my sorrows with you.

Pastor in western Ukraine, July 14th

Mom said that dad will never come back, but I believe that he will come; because they didn't show him to us, we couldn't bury him.

Katya, nine-years-old, Irpin, Ukraine


For many children, this is a reality; some of them will be able to overcome the pain of loss, and some will not, and in any case, they will have to learn to live with it, some without a father, some without a native home, with the sadness and pain that the Russian Federation brought to Ukraine. Some of these children have already closed down and cemented the pain deep within themselves. It will make someone stronger, and someone, on the contrary, will be blocked. Even after our victory and the end of the war, the suffering of many children will not end. The pain of losing loved ones and other tragic events that they saw or experienced will be felt throughout their lives. Please pray for these children. Pray for us we could serve them.”

Pastor in western Ukraine, on or about August 2nd

Urgent Appeal for Ukraine's Believers.


Yakiv’s situation is equally bleak. "We live 200 kilometers south of Kyiv, but as [Russian] troops advanced from all directions, I took my wife and daughter to safety in the West. Now, I will join the resistance army to fight. My prayer is a simple one: ‘I just want to see my family again.’ "

Heartbreaking scenes are taking place at Ukraine’s border. Women and children are allowed to go to safety, while the men are left behind, and have to fight. Children wonder if they will see their fathers again, while their mothers remain on their own in a foreign country.

Can you imagine facing such extreme conditions, and having to make decisions about life and death? As you are reading this report, this is a reality for many Ukrainian believers. Ordinary people - like you and me - and families are being forced to deal with unimaginable situations. You can see it in their faces. You can hear it in their voices.


ICR Canada is stepping up to help and serve during this unprecedented crisis. Thankfully, through your acts of faith and generosity, ICR Canada has been blessed to lead a powerful network in and around Ukraine, which is now more critical than ever. At this very minute, we are delivering support to, and enabling hope for the Ukrainian people:

  • We’ve set up soup kitchens and cooking facilities in undisclosed locations throughout Ukraine, where we are working with local churches to provide Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) with food and shelter as they flee to western Ukraine or neighbouring countries.
  • Working through another partner church in western Ukraine, we are currently receiving and housing more than 100 IDPs every day!


On a daily basis, we are using generous donations to help our hungry, tired, and scared brothers and sisters in Christ. Every day, especially among IDPs and refugees in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, your funds are hard at work.

Currently, ICR Canada is organizing caravan transports with fresh water, food, medical supplies, clothing, and other essential goods that will be delivered to desperate Ukrainians wherever they are. Every dollar is being put to good use, and is significantly impacting the lives of believers, and those who are, perhaps, experiencing the love of Christ for the first time.

Please Consider Supporting Our Ukrainian Brothers and Sisters in Christ