The Persecuted Church is Alive. This is how we help.

The Persecuted Church is Alive. This is how we help.

Many people think of helping the Persecuted Church as if it's on its last breath and hardly surviving. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Persecuted Church is alive, vibrant, growing and triumphant despite suffering under severe pressure and persecution.

Leadership Training

ICR Canada - Leadership trainingICR Canada helps the persecuted church get adequate training for their leadership. We want to ensure that they are well trained and in the knowledge of the Word of God. The Church in many countries is seeing unprecedented growth and influence.

Church Planting

ICR Canada - Church plantingICR Canada partners with leaders in the field to help them plant churches in regions where there are none or few. After receiving training these new leaders are now eager to be sent out as ‘missionaries’ in their own communities. We support them financially for a period of twenty-four months when the new church is able to support its Pastor.

Providing Bibles

ICR Canada - Providing BiblesICR Canada helps facilitate and supply bibles and study guides to pastors and leaders for use in their congregations. Other useful materials such as bicycles, motorbikes, housing, etc., are provided as needed.

Humanitarian Aid

ICR Canada - Humanitarian AidIn the midst of persecuted church's battles and victories is much suffering. suffering. ICR Canada provides humanitarian aid, such as medical supplies, clothing, shoes, food, shelter and financial assistance to the victims of persecution and marginalization.