Urgent Relief for Nigeria

Urgent Relief for Nigeria

You can make a difference in the life of a persecuted Nigerian Christian today.

  • Support a widow.
  • Sponsor an orphan’s education.
  • Provide emergency aid for a displaced family.
  • Equip a pastor to serve those living in areas of intense persecution.

As one Nigerian pastor recently told an ICR partner, “I felt so alone before. But with you standing beside me, I am encouraged to continue in my walk with the Lord.”

How can you support believers in Nigeria? Read more below...


Northern Nigeria is the most persecuted region in the country. Boko Haram, in the northeast, and the Fulani extremists, in the 'Middle Belt', intentionally target Christians and consider them infidels.

Muslim extremists are continuously attacking Christians, killing men, women, and children. According to reports, from organizations like International Christian Concern, Nigeria is the most dangerous country in the world for Christians.

Christians who live anywhere north of Nigeria’s Middle Belt live in a constant state of dread. They know they could be attacked at any moment. By a bomb, by an enraged mob, or by militant Islamists sweeping into their village.

Between March 4 and July 6 of 2023, militants carried out 55 separate attacks on Christians, 549 believers died. And the attacks don’t stop. Since Christmas Eve, many more Christian villages were attacked, leaving 300 dead and between 10,000 and 15,000 Christians displaced.

These attacks have left behind an estimated 25,000 widows and upwards of 125,000 children who have lost one or more parents. Many hundreds of thousands are homeless.

ICR has partners on the ground in Nigeria who are helping these orphans and widows with emergency needs such as food and blankets and also with longer-term needs like housing, education, and jobs.

Here are some current examples of what your financial support will do:

  • Support a widow monthly: $340.00/mo.
  • Sponsor the education of a child of a martyr: $75.00/mo.
  • Provide emergency aid for three months: $335.00
  • Equip a pastor: $212.00

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