Update on the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

ICR Canada is working through partners to assess needs after a deadly Kahramanmaras earthquake and powerful aftershocks killed thousands in the region.

On February 6th and 7th, two catastrophic earthquakes rocked Turkey and Syria, leaving over 55,000+ casualties in their wake to date. This earthquake has already been dubbed the most deadly in the past century. The tremors sent shockwaves through the region - felt as far away as Lebanon and Israel – causing widespread destruction of homes.

Turkey and Syria earthquakeIn response to this tragedy, ICR Canada is supporting those in need of practical help. Will you join us in showing compassion to the many people who are suffering and grieving the loss of those close to them?

The earthquake hit unexpectedly in the middle of the night, causing widespread damage and putting many people in danger. The subsequent aftershocks, including one with a magnitude of 7.5, have further weakened buildings and left residents homeless. Officials are advising people to stay away from their homes, causing a significant number of people to be out in the streets and exposed to the cold weather.

The effects of the earthquake have been felt in multiple cities and towns across Turkey and Syria, including large cities like Hatay, Kahramanmaras, and Diyarbakir, as well as smaller villages. Rather than having a clear epicentre, the earthquake has affected a wide area along what can be described as an "epi-line."

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How Can You Pray for Turkey and Syria?

  1. Ask God to bring peace to his people who have been affected by the disaster, including those who have lost loved ones, had their homes and possessions destroyed, and are experiencing psychological trauma from the aftershocks.
  2. Pray for Christians to extend compassion and help in various ways, as seen in previous natural disasters where churches and organizations rallied to provide support to the suffering.
  3. Seek wisdom for local leaders as they respond to the disaster and navigate difficult decisions in counselling the hurting, mobilizing volunteers, acquiring resources, and coordinating with partners.
  4. Pray for the church to work together with humility and unity, as good communication and collaboration are crucial in times of crisis but can also be challenging.
  5. Ask for Christians to be well-received as they reach out to help during the disaster, which can change negative perceptions of Christians in Muslim countries.
  6. Pray for an open door for the gospel to be shared during a time when people may be more receptive to the message of hope in Jesus.
  7. Request God's mercy and salvation for those affected by the disaster, as it serves as a reminder of our need for His grace and the opportunity for believers to share the hope they have in Him.


Let us join together in prayer and provide support through ICR Canada, enabling our team to serve their vulnerable communities devastated by the recent earthquake. In these trying times of fear amidst aftershocks and structural damage, let us be a beacon of hope that reassures all affected individuals they are safe.

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