Many have lost loved ones. Homes and possessions are destroyed. Repeated aftershocks can have a profound psychological effect. But we believe God is with his people and can provide them with a peace beyond understanding.

The World Needs Our Help.

ICR Canada is helping in many countries around the globe where North American missionaries simply can't safely go. For over 50 years, the international ministry of ICR has provided spiritual and material assistance to Christians who live in countries hostile to the gospel, enabling them to proclaim the truth, plant churches, and persevere.

Since 1969, ICR’s international ministry has been providing hope and help in Ukraine. At this time, as people in Ukraine are fleeing for their lives, ICR teams and partners are on the ground working to provide emergency food, safe shelter, blankets, and medical supplies for displaced people in Ukraine, and for those who have fled to nearby countries. Will you help?

Persecuted NOT abandoned.

Persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.


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The Gospel in Hostile Places

ICR Canada provides fast and effective help for persecuted Christians and people in need in many countries around the world.



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Five Christians Thrown Off Boat and Drowned in Uganda

Sep 13, 2022

Muslim extremists killed five Christian workers by throwing them off a boat into central Uganda’s Lake Kyoga on Aug. 10, sources said. The evangelists from End Time Word Ministry church were traveling from Nakasongola District to Apac District on a commercial transport boat with plans to plant a church in the Aduku area, a Christian survivor of the attack told Morning Star News. The survivor, Amos Kyakulaga, a deacon at a church in Namutumba who was acting as a guide, said the five evangelists began…


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Learn how you can make a difference around the world by helping persecuted Christians who are persevering in their faith.

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How We Help

Leadership training, church planting, humanitarian aid, and providing bibles and study guides are only a few of the ways we help.

Financial support is always appreciated, but let's also discuss how to partner with ICR Canada to help the persecuted church around the world.

Local Officials Seal Church Building Shut in Indonesia

Apr 6, 2023

SURABAYA, Indonesia (Morning Star News) – Local officials sealed shut a church building in West Java Province, Indonesia on Saturday (April 1), two weeks after Muslims intruded into a worship service and demanded its closure, church leaders said. The congregation of the Simalungun Christian Protestant Church (Gereja Kristen Protestan Simalungun, or GKPS) in Cigelam, Babakancikao,…


Muslim Relatives Kill Pastor for His Faith

Mar 25, 2023

NAIROBI, Kenya, March 28, 2023 (Morning Star News) – Muslim relatives of a pastor in eastern Uganda took him from his home and killed him for his faith this month, sources said. Pastor Adinani Bulwa had fled Muslim opposition in northern Uganda and returned home to Muterere village, Bugiri District in January before he was killed…


Five Christians Killed in NE Nigeria, 12 in Middle Belt

Jan 24, 2023

ABUJA, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Suspected Fulani herdsmen killed five Christians early Sunday morning (Jan. 22) in northeast Nigeria, following the slaughter of 12 Christians on Friday (Jan. 20) in the country’s Middle Belt, sources said. In Bauchi state’s Tafawa Balewa County, area residents said herdsmen attacked the predominantly Christian community of Gambar Sabon…


Christian Worship Service Prohibited in Indonesia

Jan 19, 2023

SURABAYA, Indonesia (Morning Star News) – A church in Indonesia on Jan. 8 was prohibited from holding a Sunday service in front of a city hall building, where it had gone after losing its prior worship venue in a mall, sources said. Following opposition to the church’s services in a mall in Medan, North Sumatra…


Sikh in India Leads Pastor into Knife Attack

Nov 7, 2022

HYDERABAD, India (Morning Star News) – A Christian pastor in northern India who drives a taxi for a living didn’t think he had anything to fear when a well-mannered Sikh asked him to take a slight detour. Pastor Sukhdev Mark, 47, had dropped him off the previous night at a hotel in Ambala, Haryana state…